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Baby Yoga March 10, 2010

Mommy & Me Yoga Class

Appropriate for children ages 2 months to crawling.

We will fuse postnatal and baby yoga… you will benefit for poses that will work on your navel area and pelvic floor and we will also do baby yoga, being fun and loving, giving our baby a three-dimensional feel for the world, and a feeling of being in sinchronicity with you, the most important person in his/her life.

Once a woman becomes a mother, everything changes. PachaMamas will help you make this transition on a physical, emotional and spiritual level by celebrating your entrance into the privileged and sacred experience of motherhood. These classes classes are designed specifically for new moms and their pre-crawling infants and offer an amazing opportunity for playful interaction. The Mommy & Me yoga class will offer poses that enhance bonding, offer babies the opportunity to explore movement through infant massage and to build trust through physical contact. Moms can rebuild strength, flexibility and tone the abdomen to reclaim the space in their body that was given to the baby during pregnancy. Baby yoga class will help you move in a yogic rhythm with your child, being fully present in each moment, easing expectations of how things ought to be in this precious and impermanent time.

Baby Yoga complements Baby Massage wonderfully. Although a relatively new concept to the UK, Baby Yoga has been practised in other cultures for hundreds of years.

In India, it is traditional for new born babies to receive a daily massage and some yoga from birth.

Baby Yoga can bring a number of benefits to baby as well as parent

Benefits for our babies:

* strengthens muscles, keeping the spine straight and supple
* Establishes good breathing practises
* Increses joint and spinal flexibility
* Improves blood flow and circulation
* Assist nervious system development
* Promotes the balance of hormones and the release of endorphines (the “feel good” hormone)

* stimulates cell growth…….

Why Baby Yoga can change the World

Article written by Laura Bissell… A must read!! :O))

Individual classes

We offer private yoga lessons in your home or work in Bristol. If you are short of time or unable to get to a yoga class, a one to one yoga lesson can prove invaluable.

Special Offer: First one to one yoga lesson from only £20 per hour

Normal Cost: One to one yoga lessons from only £40 per hour