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Boab Essence- It could bring about a profound change in this planet. March 1, 2011

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I used Boab essence for most of my pregnancy. I had a very powerful experience with this amazing tree. I read aborigen women give birth inside these trees and if not on a blanket made of its flowers, I felt a call from it and every night would have some drops before going to bed… It has been a life changing experience, very positive … I am still working with it.

By Ian White

The Boab tree, Addisonia gregorii, is found only in Australia and then only in the North West. It has been indicated through channeling that this tree is not originally of the Earth but from the star system Pleiades and the essence derived from it is one of the most powerful healing forces I have ever worked with.

The Boab clears the patterns of the ancestors – the negative patterns that are invariable learnt and passed on from generation to generation. There exists within the Boab tree an energy spiral representative of the family with the many patterns and negative beliefs coursing through each individual inherited from their forebears. In fact it is quite common with the Boab tree to have younger trees growing around it in a circular pattern. The Doctrine of Signatures once more pointing to the family pattern. Also a number of smaller Boabs can merge and from into one tree, again indicative of the learning and passing on of those ancestral patterns. If there is one key scenario you keep repeating lifetime after lifetime you will most likely attract a family structure that will cause this pattern to be repeated.

The Boab Essence will access and clear those core patterns and all the ensuing beliefs.

Interestingly the Boab tree is also known as the bottle tree because it has a reservoir of fresh water stored in the trunk. Another Doctrine of Signatures is that water is closely associated with the emotions and this tree stores deep emotional patterns.

Boab has to do with clearing karma of past actions. It works on the spiritual level initially and then on the mental and emotional. If, in the past, an individual has acted in a detrimental way towards another then, when that injured person returns to earth they will carry with them a dark line of energy which will attract the person who originally created the harm as so commence readdressing the karma. The Boab will clear that negative/dark line attraction. Often if there are negative patterns operating between two people there is confusion at a conscious level as to why they are acting in a strange way towards each other. When that spiritual dark line is cleared to too is the confusion of understanding the other person’s behavior. This may come through dream or meditation. Also the negative patterns which stem from the past are released. Remember though, when Boab releases past actions it is usually from people we are close to. Dagger Hakea on the other hand is working on clearing the resentments to things that have happened directly between people during this life.

When used as a spray in a misting bottle, the Boab Essence is very good for clearing negativity, if that negativity is coming from people who are out of balance in your environment or earth bound spirits. Its effects will not be so beneficial if that energy is coming from the dark side. Also the spraying will help clear the negativity and help to heal the collective consciousness of the planet which is made up from everyone’s actions, thoughts and beliefs. This is a very important essence for it can bring about a profound change in this planet.

We spent quite some time clearing residual negativity both around and inside the tree due to the way it had been used in the past. They synchronicity of the quality it brings about and how it had been used in the past being very strong. The energy above the hollowed, prison section of the tree was incredibly strong and was working to balance the energies of the area below that were due to past trauma of its previous prison usage. The Boab Essence is also very powerful in helping people who are experiencing, or have had experiences of, abuse or prejudice, though, inmost cases this too is a pattern that they have repeated many times in the past and are drawing to them again in this life. Once we stop being imprisoned by negative patterns, we have a greater spiritual  development, awareness and sensitivity. This Essence is very good for an understanding of our true spiritual origin and can give great strength when undertaking new goals and activities that are very challenging. It certainly makes a successful outcome to this new challenge more likely once we release the negative thought patterns.

The flower is pollinated at night by moths and again this seems to be another aspect to its Doctrine of Signature of how it accesses and heals the sub-conscious mind. It has a very creamy white color, and its scent is similar to, although not quite as strong as, tuberose.