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Children Full of Life March 23, 2010

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Very moving award-winning documentary from Japan NHK which follows the life of a class of 10 year old students through an academic year in which they learn more about the realities of life and especially death and coping with emotions under the inspired guidance of their extraordinary teacher.

As a lot of our devotees are teachers this video caused a lot of soul-searching about the way education functions in our society and whether the right values are being inculcated into our kids. A number of teachers asked for copies of the video in order to show it to their fellow teachers at school.

1) In Award-winning documentary “Children Full Of Life”, a 4th Grade Class in primary school in Kanazawa, North East of Tokyo learn about compassion from their hometown teacher, Toshiro Kanamori.

2) He instructs each to write their true feeling in a letter and read it aloud in front of the class.

3) By sharing their lives, the children begin to realize the importance of caring for their classmates.

It’s a 5 parts video (49minutes). Share if you find it beneficial, especially children.


To All Men Interested in Conscious Fathering March 11, 2010

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By Jeannine Parvati Baker
June 1, 1949-December 1, 2005
Lay Midwife, Ashtanga Yogini, Astrologer
Founder of Hygieia College,
Herbal Medicine-Woman,
Mother of Six,
Author of Prenatal Yoga & Natural Childbirth,
Hygieia: A Woman’s Herbal , and co-author of Conscious Conception

I have met many men who are excited to become fathers and yet have the idea that it
is their wife’s business just precisely how this happens. In a world where babies were
welcomed as naturally as they were conceived, this would be a good idea. However
most babies born nowadays are delivered in ways that have lasting effects upon
everyone. You, father, have everything to do with this. Indeed, without courageous
men, we cannot make the Earth worthy of our future grandchildren. Hence the special
message below:

If your wife doesn’t want to feel pain (plans an epidural) when she gives birth, what
does she plan to do for the rest of your child’s life? Upon encountering painful feelings
as all humans do after your baby is born, will she take a pain pill or drug? Prozac®,
Motrin®, alcohol, or any of the legal drugs women consume in cultures where birth is
medicalized? The statistics show that this is a real possibility.

Postpartum depression has been linked to the previous use of drugs during childbirth.
More alarmingly, teenage suicide is also correlated with drugs and medical instruments
used at birth. Children, especially babies, learn what life is all about from their mothers
– if your wife is unconscious or anaesthetized at birth, she sets an example of primal
proportion to your child.

The reason to go through the pain of birth is that the other side of labour is ecstasy and
a specific education is given for this baby’s upbringing. If the mother is drugged at
birth, she misses the once in a lifetime initiation, not to mention genetic information
specifically given to take care of baby the way nature intended it.

The most important event in your marriage is the birth of your child. If the mother is
rendered unfeeling, that medical assault is a loss to your family. A hospital delivery may
even damage your sex life and can compromise the quality of care your child receives
thereafter by a traumatized mother. This in turn affects you, society, and our shared
Earth. And you thought all you had to do was “support your wife”!

If you are a woman reading this, rest assured that I am suggesting that your partner
educate both of you for the sake of the Possible Earth.  It’s not a matter of gender
submission. For example, if your partner insisted that you have a medically managed
childbirth, I would instead invite that you ask your baby how s/he wants to arrive
Earthside? It doesn’t matter whether it is the mother or the father/partner who wants
the paid paranoid in charge of birth.

100% of babies want to be born gently and stay close to mother, by her heart, in her
arms, be adored by the original lovers who made life possible, and be free of the
normative obstetric and pediatric abuses tragically imposed upon newborns today.

As mothers, our joy is found in protecting, as well as nurturing, our children. By
meeting these sacred obligations, happiness begins before birth and yet it is never too
late to trust nature to guide us in caring for our children. If you think that natural birth
is too hard, scary, or even inconvenient, it is nothing compared to the probable
consequences of a traumatic medical birth.

Lest I attempt to prove what I declare above, I now add instead that proof is a lack of
imagination. As Albert Einstein stated, “Imagination is more important than
knowledge”. I know that freebirth is ecstatic. I imagine that, if you have read this far,
eventually you may, too.


Ask the Experts: Sleep Training

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A baby’s cry
is a baby’s language,
designed for the survival of the baby
and for the development of the mother.
It is the only way babies have
of communicating their needs.
The key is to learn how to listen.
~ Dr. Johnson
[developmental psychologist and friend of Dr. Sears]

by Dr. Linda Folden Palmer


Please help! I feel so alone! Everyone keeps telling me to use some version of the cry-it-out routine to teach our three-month-old to sleep. It just feels so wrong and insensitive! We have been cosleeping since he was born. He seemed to be sleeping just fine until he was about two-and-a-half-months-old. Now he awakens much more frequently, and it seems to take longer and longer to put him down for naps and for the night. Now he’s screeching and screaming for up to an hour each time we try to put him to sleep. We rock him until he’s asleep which is physically quite tiresome for us now! I can’t help but think we’re doing something very wrong, but I don’t want to believe that cry-it-out is the answer! I should also mention that we live in a studio apartment, so cry-it-out would be almost impossible. Are there methods of sleep training I can use that don’t involve leaving him alone? Or is it true—against my instinct—that it’s necessary for him to cry and self-soothe?


Self-soothe sounds so peaceful. Or is it falling asleep from sheer exhaustion and eventually learning that your parents are not always there for you? How frustrating that must be when one is helpless themselves, and this learned attitude can backfire when they are teenagers?a time when you want them to trust and confide in you.

Babies are designed to nurse to sleep, and nurse back to sleep during night feedings snuggled up next to mom. (Babies can be nursed with a bottle, too.) It sounds as though this isn’t working? Or has someone convinced you not to do this? Don’t worry, this fussy waking is common and it will pass.

Do make sure you aren’t having unrealistic expectations about how early baby should fall asleep or how many hours a day he needs. When we hear these reports of babies sleeping for 14 total hours a day, it usually means they’re in their crib for that long, whether crying, sleeping, or staring at the ceiling.

Desiring rocking is also a deeply embedded instinct. It sounds as though your baby really needs this. Yes, it can get very tiring. In the absence of aunts and light-sleeping grandparents conveniently accessible around the village, some of us learn to cheat, and I think it’s OK as long as baby and parents are both getting what they need, like some sleep. Electric swings, vibrating chairs, and well-timed car rides can all be effective for many babies.

Make sure that baby is not fussing out of discomfort. Is he gassy? Rashes? Watery or mucousy stools? He could simply be intolerant to some foods in your diet. If you’re sure this is not the case, then know that this is just a phase and do what you can to find the time and energy to help him sleep. They are tiny for such a very short time. You will be missing these days much more and much sooner than you think. Please follow your instincts and your heart. They’re there for a reason.