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Baby Massage March 10, 2010

“Infant massage can promote the kind of parenting that the attentive mother was able to provide. Its benefits go far beyond the immediate physiological gains. As you massage your baby regularly, you will discover that you develop a bond with your child that will last a lifetime.”

– Vimala McClure

Why Baby Massage??

1)  Is comforting & soothing as baby can see you, hear your voice and smell your scent

2)  gives Dad a fantastic role in baby’s early life and makes him feel included

3)  can help prevent & relieve painful colic

4)  is a profound way of creating a bonding with baby that can last a lifetime

5)  helps baby become self aware

6)  improves baby’s circulation – taking blood out to the extremities more effectively

7)  helps baby breathe more deeply leading to a more sound sleep   

8)  keeps skin in healthy condition by using natural oils and sloughing away dead skin

9)  releases endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers and feel good chemicals

10)  improves baby’s nervous system increasing communication between brain and body

11)  reduces stress in baby and massage giver – allows you a relaxing period in the day

12)  stimulates and helps with digestion

13)  improves muscle tone and aids in baby’s growth

14)  encourages balance and co-ordination

15)  encourages respect by asking permission before commencing and responding to baby’s wishes

16)  helps with sensory awareness – all senses as stimulated in the intimacy of massage

17)  aids with your understanding of baby’s wishes as you are reading non-verbal communications

18)  helps new parents feel more confident in handling baby

19)  is FUN and can help with post-natal depression