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Massage March 10, 2010

Massage & Healing

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a rare and powerful system of bodywork that combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breathwork and yoga stretching. The session lasts for 90 minutes and is performed on a mat to allow for free movement and flow. Deep tissue massage with herbal oils and plant medicines soothes and nourishes the musculature and soft tissues of the body, releasing physical tension, and preparing the receiver for assisted yoga stretching. Through synchronized breathwork, the receiver is led progressively deeper into assisted yoga stretches that correct postural imbalances and restore harmony to the body and mind. In this state of harmony, the space for deep healing is present.

Anyone wishing to explore new depths of health in body and mind will benefit greatly from this work. Rooted in the way of Yoga, this unique massage deepens the practice of asana and meditation, encourages vibrant health, and results in a profound and lasting sense of well being.


Ayur Balance Massage

Ayur Balance Massage is a deep, relaxing and stress relieving massage aimed at removing and reducing the imbalances in the different parts of the body. Its a complete body massage and works towards bringing a harmony and a sense of balance in the body and being.

The massage is a development in the tradition of powerful massages from Central India. The massage was often used to be given on warriors to make their body more supple, flexible and at the same time relieve their stress and rejuvenate the body.

This is a massage that is fulfilling the requirement of a deeper, powerful work that goes more into the muscular level and brings out a profound effect to balance and bring the body back to it natural state of harmony.

The massage is influenced by the profound work of Shikha from Pune, and deviced into harmonious sequence by Chetan.

The massage is given with firm and deep mostly with linear strokes and at times in angles and half circles.

In the massage the hands, thumb, fingers, knuckles, fist and elbow are all used at different places.

The use of elbow and fist allows the giver to go much deeper into the body of the receiver and thus helping in working at levels, which are not usually possible.

The massage is done with mostly sesame oil or can also be done with sunflower oil. In one session two or more kind of oils can be used separately at different parts.

The massage begins with soft joint release and soft strokes. This lets the body come into an acceptance for deeper work. Then the oil is applied and more powerful strokes are given at different locations all over the body.

Ayur Balance Massage is whole body massage and includes massaging the face and head too.

Highlights of the massage-

The massage helps in balancing the vata imbalances of the specific parts.

The massage is helping in relieving the muscular and joint uncomforts and pains.

The massage brings a harmony to the body and a release of accumulated tensions.

The massage opens up the muscles, vigorates the system and tones the body.

With the massage the receiver experiences a profound relaxation and release of stress.

The conscious healing touch takes the receiver into a deep relaxation and silence.

The massage works towards strengthening the system and is especially beneficial for worn out bodies due to excessive physical or mental exhaustion.

The massage also helps in loosening the toxins from the body and helping the body to release them and thereby rejuvenating the system.

Abhyanga massage

Abhyanga massage is a gentle but firm whole body massage from head to toe using warm medicated oils. This is traditional massage also commanly called as Kerala Ayurveda Massage.

The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way with one or two persons massaging at the same time for forty five to sixty minutes.

Abhyanga massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating experience as well as treatment in certain illness.

A regular Abhyanga protects from stress, anxiety, exhaustion and Vata disorder. It nourishes the body, extends the life span, provides good sleep, improves the skin texture, improves the vision and provides better physical stability.

Abhyanga treatment is the best way to control and balance Vata in the body. Vata is the predominant entity in the sense of touch and skin is the organ of touch.