Holistic care for mums, mums to be, babies & children

About Pachamamas February 13, 2010



Pachamamas  (mothers earth)

Pachamamas is a project born out of my love for children and my passion to support women and families in their journey. This project could not be delayed anymore as my beautiful daughter Holly Estrella was born.

I understand that children are the future and it is our responsibility to guide them in the best of the ways we can.

I consider the role of the mother of vital importance in the evolution of  the child. For a number of reasons, women of our time have become disconnected from ourselves, our bodies, our intuition and our cycles. We are a mirror of our Mother Earth- “PachaMama”- and for this reason we need to reconnect with our true nature.

With Yoga and massage we will get tools to get in touch with ourselves and our children, new ways of handling our cycles, understanding our babies cues and being  more compassionate.

Sole Salido aka Satya

It wasn´t until 2005, after a car accident  that triggered an existential crisis that I looked into the practise of Yoga. Since then my life made an unexpected turn and I left a successful business career to devote  myself to my holistic practises. Fascinated by the Yogic and Ayurvedic holistic approach of the human being. My practice takes an interdisciplinary approach, adapting to the needs of the people I work with and always trying to maximize their own powers to self-heal.


Doula, with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers

Hatha Yoga Teacher, follower of the Bihar School Tradition,University of Maharashtra, India

specialized in Pregnancy Yoga- British Wheel of Yoga, Uk

and Yoga for children and families- Rainbow Kids Yoga, Uk

Baby Massage Instructor- International Association of Infant Massage, Spain

Ayurvedic Body Massage Practitioner- Dr. Anita Rawandale, India

Reiki healer Level III – Yogavision, India

Currently studying Councelling and Psychophonetics- Persephone College, Uk