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Pisces New Moon March 1, 2011

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NEW MOON IN PISCES – Saturday 5th March @ 12:46 PST/ 3:46 EST

by Rebekah Shaman


The Leo full Moon illuminated our blocks and showed us our limitations so we can make the changes we need in order to shine and become empowered.

With our new found Leo courage, strength and inner knowing the Pisces new Moon asks us:

“Am I living my dreams and being true to myself…?”

It is the last new Moon of the lunar cycle before we spring forward into a new cycle and the coming of Summer, It represents the end of the winter hibernation and is our final opportunity to go deep within, to enter the dreamtime and clarify our visions.

The Pisces Moon brings the energy of reflection and inner meditation.  It is the right time to go into silence and hear the small whisper of our hearts.  The Piscean Moon can help you to access the inner messages, if you have been feeling that a change is necessary.

As we head deeper into the year we will find that our inner voices – our intuitions, will get louder and more dominant, as we look at our lives and recognize how our actions are impacting on our immediate surroundings, our community and the planet.

Pisces reminds us to use our unique skills, talents and energy to help serve each other to make this world a better place. There is no better time than NOW! It is exciting to be alive because there is so much room for change.  Use this Moon to go within and find your true vocation.  Use the power of the Leo full Moon to inspire and give you the strength to do what is best for YOU.
We are at our most sensitive and in tune with the Planet over this new Moon so don’t worry if things get on top of you or you feel emotional, teary and anxious about the future.  These emotions must come up in order for us to recognize what we must change.

Rather than get caught up in an emotional storm – become the observer and see what you can learn from it, rather than become its victim.   My feeling is that this Moon is going to be especially strong so that we can really blast through some of our resistances.

To follow our dreams takes courage, commitment, and strength.  This Pisces Moon will guide you through your fears and send you messages through the dreamtime and meditation to show you the way.

There are never any reassurances, only trust and faith in all that you do.  Trust yourself fully and you can never fail.  Allow yourself the space to really listen to your true desires, wishes and inner messages.

The next full Moon in Virgo will help us organize our dreams into actions but for now – allow the dream to come through in all its glory without judgment or comparison…it will empower you and illuminate hidden parts of yourself that are now needing a voice.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Oscar Wilde:

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”


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