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Support a UN 5th World Conference on Women! February 20, 2011

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A UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW) would be the first in the 21st Century and the most influential women’s conference ever held. It will happen only if grassroots activism mobilizes political will within the United Nations and its member states.

The 4th conference was held in Beijing in 1995, drew over 40,000 participants, and led to the Beijing Platform for Action, which if implemented would create a world where women’s rights and human rights are one in the same.

On July 2, 2010, UN Women–the new women’s superagency was established by the UN General Assembly. Michelle Bachelet, former president of Chile was appointed its president and an Under Secretary-General. UN Women could organize a 5th World Conference on Women in 2015 (instead of a Beijing +20 review). The effect could be synergistic in advancing the women’s equality and empowerment.

5WCW would encourage the formation of women’s circles and mobilize a new wave of women’s movement activism. It would be the first since widespread use of the internet and satellite technology which can link the conference with the world. It would bring together and inspire the next generation of women leaders to implement documents and goals already in place such as the Beijing Platform for Action, and UN Security Council Resolution #1325 on Women, Peace, & Security, which are steps toward reaching gender equality and peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Information on website:
and in Urgent Message From Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World.

Signatories: (
Isabel Allende, author, activist
Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, author Urgent Message From Mother, Jungian analyst,
Marilyn Fowler, founder US Women-Connect, Women’s Intercultural Network
Carol Hansen Grey, author, activist
Dr. Patricia Licuanan, President Miriam College, Philippines, Chair of prepatory meetings for Beijing conference
Susan Collin Marks, Search for Common Ground, Leadership Wisdom Initiative.
Patricia Smith Melton, founder PeaceXPeace
Joyce Oneko, founder Mama na Dada-Africa
Elly Pradervand, founder Women’s World Summit Foundation, Geneva
Zainab Salbi, president Women for Women International
Leticia Shahani, Secretary-General 3rd UN World Conference on Women (Nairobi)
Gloria Steinem, founder Ms. Magazine, author, activist
Alice Walker, author, activist
Rosemary Williams, founder Women’s Perspective
Lea Wyler, co-founder ROKPA International


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