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Leo Full Moon – Friday 18th February 2011 February 17, 2011

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FULL MOON in LEO – Friday 18th FEBRUARY @ 08:36am GMT
Ritual for LEO FULL MOON
FULL MOON IN LEO – Friday 18th FEBRUARY @ 08:36am GMT
( 3:36 EST/ 12:36 PST)

The new Moon in Aquarius helped us to focus on what we want to achieve for this year.  It emphasised the importance of our role in our local community and how we can best serve both the micro and macrocosm, for the greater good.

Now this illuminating Leo Full Moon asks us:  “What do I need to let go of in order to step into my power and start shining?”

This Leo full Moon brings the focus back to ourselves, so we may appreciate our unique skills and talents.  Leo energy urges us to acknowledge what is holding us back from fulfilling our full potential.  The sooner we accept our limitations and let go of them, the easier it becomes to step into our power.

This Moon can strengthen our self-esteem, self-assurance, and self-belief. As Leo gives us the courage to stand up for who we are and what we believe in despite the fear and negativity that surrounds us.

A woman in America decided to count the amount of negative and positive ‘body image’ messages she received in a day…for every positive message there were 353 negative ones.

Leo Moon is here to remind us that we do have the power to change in order to reach our full potential, but it comes from within.  The external world is too chaotic and impermanent to provide the support and love we need.  It can only come from our own inner work, to break through our fears and limitations about who we think we are and become the powerful person we know we are.

This Moon gives us the courage to let go of what others tell us, and walk our own path. It also shines the light where we need to go through the fear, in order to speak our Truth. If you are compromising, this Moon is an opportunity to stand in your power and say what you truly feel without the fear of consequence.

FEAR is just ‘False Expectations Altering Reality.’ When we lie and deceive we become drained, exhausted and weary.  It is an amazing divine paradox of life, but when we finally stand in our truth and speak from our hearts the energy is so pure, only good can come from it!

Leo helps us feel generous and good-natured but don’t get too caught up in your own perspectives, someone may have a different way of looking at things that could be helpful.  Be compassionate and keep it real. Leo also shows us that not all that glitters is gold so be aware of making assumptions or jumping into something that sounds too good to be true.

If the energy does ramp up over Thursday, Friday and Saturday go with the flow and remember to enjoy it, knowing it will change soon enough.  Find pockets of time to breathe and centre yourself or take a walk in the park and hug a tree – Spring is on its way and the flowers are beginning to burst through the soil….

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Dr Robert Holden:

” Success is about recognising the Self you came to Earth with, and whilst success can add to happiness, happiness is more likely to help you be successful. .”


by Rebakah Shaman


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