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The Truth About Santa Claus December 23, 2010

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“Yggdrasill, the great Ash tree, the World Tree, omphalos or navel of the world, is ‘Yggr’s steed’. Yggr is Odin; his steed, an eight-legged horse (Sleipnir) that he rides to the underworld. The eight limbs of Sleipnir are the eight spokes of the Wheel. As Plato suggests, the 8 spheres of heaven are fastened to a spindle that ‘turns on the knees of Necessity”, all things birthed by Nature revolving about the World Tree..”  – Fruits of the Moon Tree, p 77 by Alan Bleakley

Santa Claus is a Mercurial figure much like the Norse wizard Odin who travels between worlds on his 8 legged horse Sleppnir. Santa brings gifts from the North Pole, Odin hangs suspended from the World Tree (at the north pole) to bring the magical gift of the runes.
Odin or Woden is equivalent to our Mercury. Mercurious is described as inhabiting the northern pole in Jung’s great classic Aeon. Odin’s horse and Santa’s 8 fleet footed deer represent the 8 turning points of the year marked by solstices, equinoxes and the cross quarter days. These 8 radiants or spokes of the zodiacal wheel converge at the North Pole.

Santa Claus is real and he lives at the North Pole. St Nicholas travels throughout the world on Christmas Eve to bring gifts to children. Santa enters homes through chimneys, through fire places and through the human heart.

Santa is an anagram for “Sanat.” Sanat Kumara is the presiding spirit of the Earth residing at the North Pole in an etheric city called Shamballa. This is the City of Revelation (Rev.21) on its “sea of glass” surrounded by the rainbow of northern lights (Rev.4). Humans in the Lord of the Rings call their sacred capital the White City, another name for Shamballa. The twelve stones in the foundation of this City represent the twelve signs of the Zodiac as these are oriented over the Earth. The zodiacal lines and other degrees of longitude converge at the northern and southern poles. The North Pole, the spiritual center of the world, is called the Irminsul Pillar by the Norse. This primeval Pillar or World Tree is our Christmas Tree with its bright star of promise. It is also the Tree of Life that bears “twelve  kinds of fruit, yielding one each month” (Rev.22).  Winter Solstice is the gate to the garden of the sacred city where this
Tree grows.

As each soul is anchored through the light above the crown of the head (the soul star), so the soul of the world (the “anima mundi”) appears as a spiritual light above the North Pole of the world. The North Pole is the pivot around which turns the mandala of creation. Dancing or whirling clockwise (Sunwise) helps align and synchronize with the world soul.

Arrayed around the North Pole are the “seven spirits before the throne” spoken of in Revelation. These are the 7 Kumaras of Hindu tradition, the 7 Planetary Logoi of esoteric teaching and the Christmas Elves of our Santa mythology. Sanat or Santa, their leader, is the biblical Ancient of Days. Love enters our world through an alignment between Sanat Kumara and the Christ. (Initiation Human and Solar p. 44, AA Bailey). Love is the Lord of this creation and the Spring of love is refreshed in the Season of Yule. This revitalizing spirit travels from its polar source and – like an etheric electric charge – seeks out the high places on Earth finding connection with mountain tops, holy sites, standing stones, and yes, chimneys!

Christmas or Yule Trees also attract and anchor the incoming spirit of Solstice as each tree resonates holographically with the world tree of the polar axis wherein flows solar prana. The new spirit of love moves from these anchoring points, channeling through fire elementals and through human hearts to spread its magic throughout the world. Hearts opening and responding one with the other will always have a Merry Yule.

During Winter Solstice the light of the Sun is reborn in the heart of the Earth and in the heart of everyone. “Christ in us, the hope of glory” is the Christian invocation. The Druid way is to open all secret chambers to the light of the Sun at this special time. Most importantly, the rays of the spiritual Sun are allowed to penetrate our innermost hearts at this most dark and sacred time of year.

The Soul/Sol of the world is born anew at midnight on Christmas Eve.  The center candle of the advent wreath is lit, Moravians send the midnight new fire home with worshipers. Christ/Sol light is born anew in the heart of the world and of every one open to receive.

Wish/intentions for the New Year are powered through Yuletide celebration. This is a time to gather with family and friends to enjoy yuletide traditions. Celebration, simple folk customs and practices help open our hearts to the purity, love and beauty of the season.

Here are a few simple practices to help bring back the holiday magic:

* Deck the halls with boughs of holly to clear homes of astral shades. Many present day holiday customs are inherited from the Druids, the pre-eminent nature technologists of the ancient world. At the end of every cycle non-assimilable psychic energies (astral shadows) come up to be transformed, recycled or dispelled. These may appear to the psychic eye as overstuffed astral uglies which, strangely, have an inexorable urge to cast themselves onto any sharp points, e.g. holly. Folkways encode more esoteric wisdom than our books can hold. Many of these customs are easier to do than explain but in our day we often have to know why in order to do.

* Gathering around fire. Celebrate with friends and family around a fireplace, bonfire or candlelit table. Whether for “bringing back the Sun” or warming bodies and hearts, gathering around fire is a universal tradition of the season. Solar fire stored in wood through
photosynthesis released now powers seed intentions for the new cycle. Christmas trees are traditionally burned on Epiphany Jan 6 to conclude the celebration.

* Singing together. Noel means “mind of God.” The root word noos means mind and el is god. French philosopher Pierre de Chardin coined the term “noosphere” for the planetary mind.  This re-inspiriting consciousness readily comes through groups singing in circle. To sing together is to breathe and inspire together. The group angel or deva formed above the center of the group in song connects each one with their higher good. So there’s reason for singing together besides the shear joy of it. Any song with which all are familiar or can be easily learned will work for group inspiration. Of course the first thing to come out when we sing together is the discord, it is really good to carry on and get the discord out, then comes the cosmic harmony.

* Dancing in circle. Carol means “circle dance song.” Yule carols were originally sung by people dancing in Sunwise circle to invoke the return of the Sun. Dancing clockwise or Sunwise causes the auric field to turn round forming a vortex of energy spinning around an axis that connects energetically with the Earth’s northern pole and the magic of Yule. As each soul is anchored through the light above the crown of the head (the soul star), so the soul of the world (the “anima mundi”) appears as a spiritual light above the North Pole of the world. The North Pole is the pivot around which turns the mandala of creation. Dancing or whirling clockwise (Sunwise) helps synchronize with the soul of the world.

* Connecting with the spirit of the north. The spring of love is refreshed during Yule each year. This revitalizing spirit travels from its polar source and – like an etheric electric charge – seeks out high places on Earth. Yule Trees attract and anchor this incoming spiritual influence as each tree resonates holographically with the world tree of the polar axis. Meditation and prayer facing north or lying head north aids alignment with the spiritual world. This practice helps to realize soul purpose for this new cycle of creation.

* Ringing bells to break shadow spells, release old stuck patterns and open to the new spirit. Jingle those bells!

This Yuletide season 21 December 2009 – 6 January 2010 is our time to dream and shape the future year. Of course what will be is shaped as much by what we do as it is by cosmic cycles. All the signs point toward 2010 being an extremely good, creative, productive and abundant year.  Just how good and how soon this all unfolds depends on what we do with the opportunities that come our way – and in how we celebrate Solstice, Yule and Epiphany. Celebration is key!


In her Heart is born a Light,
during Gaia’s darkest Night.

On this first day Raphael
Earth’s renewal does foretell.

As the next seed day arrives,
Angel Michael inspires our lives.

On the third great evening blessed,
Gabriel graces us from the West.

In the next holy night to the North,
the star of Uriel shines forth.

Then Angels on their corners stand
as the Light of Love is born again.

In the Light of the still standing Sun
Christ and Natural World are one.

Wreaths of Holly, holy tree,
prick the dark from you and me.

Cedar burning Christmas day
drives the old year’s cares away.

From the Yule log lit anew
we feel our Sol light shining through.

Here in our heart of hearts aglow
forms the New Year’s embryo.

Then Kwanzaa’s seven days unfold
the deepest qualities of soul,

And in lights on tree of green
are the fruits of healing seen.

So Medicine Wheel of Yule abide
to channel the Nations’ healing tide.

On Epiphany Eve in waters blessed;
Lights divine are manifest.

Gifts presented at this time
fix a magic power sublime.

Join we now in Love’s bright circle:
the template of the future world.

~ a Yuletide poem by Steven Nelson

Mythic Times: The Truth About Santa Claus by Steven Nelson Mythic


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