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Menopause November 28, 2010

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By Frances Lewis

The changing of the hormones and periods stopping often coincides with children leaving home and /or parents dying. And if a woman has not had children – then there is the mourning of the end of that potential. Nothing really prepares us for this time of change and loss.

Often women experience – hot flushes, dry skin, and loss of libido, aching muscles and joints, mood swings, insomnia, back ache, inability to make a decision. All of these or none of these symptoms may be accompanied by a deep questioning: What is the purpose of life? Who am I? And what is my purpose?


Menopause is a time of change, a major life transition. I have a sense that women during this time are being called upon to become truly authentic and truly in their power. To walk into the wise woman role, to draw on all of their experiences from life, to integrate all that learning from the bumpy road of life so far. And to give up all the lifting and carrying and doing that is so much a part of the younger years.

We live in a culture of fear and poverty mentality, such deep old fear, personal fear, family fear and cultural fear. So it is no wonder that there can be a lot of physical stiffness and pain and mental confusion and emotional release during menopause. All change weather perceived as positive or negative involves grieving.

It is my sense that the hot flushes are power surges or rushes of creative energy. It is my sense that all the physical aches and pains are related to the way we block our powerfulness and authenticity. The confusion and the disturbed sleep a reaction to the sometimes overwhelming changes that are going on. It is a strong and beautiful healing phase and any unfinished healing will come up for attention.

* I recommend lots of quality time with your self and lots of nourishment. Write, dance, sing and rest.

* Time in nature, simply watching the clouds go by or walking with a steady pace.

* Create a personal sanctuary where you can put up a do not disturb sign. Maybe call it your womb space. Not shared and not entered by anyone unless invited. Space to moan and groan and rest and maybe when the energy comes, to be creative and make a mess for no reason.

* Again I also recommend lots of rest – do not underestimate the healing power or rest.

* Maybe connect with the full moon and the seasons of the year – so that you are connecting in with other cycles of life. This can be very simple.

* Devising a menopausal ritual can be very liberating. Honouring this major life transition in an open way with friends and or relatives can be very helpful in making sense of this change.

* Connect with other women, maybe a menopausal group or mixed age women’s group.

* I recommend gentle Yoga and time to explore the full and spontaneous breath and lots of deep relaxation.

* Many holistic therapies can help ease and support this transition without suppressing the grieving that is required. Homoeopathy, Counselling, Acupuncture, Nutritional advice, Massage, Ayeveda etc.

* Begin to really listen to your intuition.

Book list ….

1) ‘The Wisdom of Menopause’ by Dr Christine Northrapp

This is a very wise and loving book about all aspects of menopause – I strongly recommend this book to all women nearing or during menopause.

2) Also ‘Women’s bodies Woman’s Wisdom’ by the same Dr Christine Northrupp.

I read both of these books during my 8 month menopausal gap from teaching.


3) ‘The Seven Sacred Rites of Menopause’ by Kristis Meisenback Boylan

Santa Monica Press

This is about menopause as a rites of passage. Interesting book.

This would not appeal to everyone – but I found it very helpful.


4) ‘What your Doctor may NOT tell you about menopause’ by Dr John Lee

NEW Edition.

This book was recommended by Doctor at Victoria Cross Surgery – Swindon.

This is about the hormones in the water system from the contraceptive pill. The tap water is contaminated with hormones and you are getting a dose whether you take the pill or not. This is an ecological disaster that has already happened. This is adding to menopausal symptoms as well as low sperm count in men.

This doctor favours progesterone cream and vitamin supplements and does not support HRT.


5) ‘Eat your way through the menopause’ by Marilyn Glenville

ISBN – 1 85626 4688

Very enjoyable and informative recipe book for menopause. I have really enjoyed trying out recipes from this book. I always respond well to eating nourishing delicious home cooked food made with love.

6) ‘Menopause’ by Dr Miriam Stoppard

Dorling Kindersley 2001

She is in favour of HRT. Some women may choose HRT to ease the way through this major life transition. However, if the motivation is to keep young and attractive and full of the kind of energy a younger woman has then there will be a loss of the potential for maturity and deep wisdom that is so required in this culture.

If you want to know more about Frances


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